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In our experience, traditional estate sales (or tag sales) have a number of inherent flaws:

First, hundreds of customers coming through an estate sale leave unwanted wear and tear in the house. This is especially unacceptable in a home that is either recently sold, or potentially going on the market soon. An online estate auction limits foot-traffic to just the preview and pickup days.

Second, traditional estate sales rarely succeed in liquidating the entirety of the estate. The assets left over from the sale might be either donated, or end up going home with the estate sale company. Auctions are an incredibly effective way to sell everything (the good, the bad, and the ugly!). Clients have peace of mind knowing that their estates will sell. Clients also like the benefit of having complete control over the schedule of the sale - we can run an online auction at any time.

Third, traditional estate sales leave profit on the table due to a flawed method of pricing. Most estate sale companies price high for the first couple of days and then drastically reduce prices on the last day. Auctions maximize profits due to the 'competitive bidding' element. Online auctions also have the potential to bring in many more buyers than could ever possibly attend a traditional estate sale.



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